Rosebank Engineering Pty Ltd.
VyoneeshRosebank Technologies Pvt Ltd is proud to be associated with Rosebank Engineering Pty Ltd, one of the worlds best known defence products manufacturing company. The joint venture would in time enable the company to imbibe manufacturing capabilities that would include micro grinding of precision parts for hydraulic flight control components, landing gear, airframe, mechanical components and other fine mechanisms.

Rosebank Engineering Pty Ltd’s precision grinding, lapping, honing, EDM and assembly takes places in environmentally controlled clean rooms of Class 100, 10,000 and 100,000 where temperature and humidity control ensures machine stability and the air filtering systems minimizes the effect of air borne contaminants.


Process control is ensured by machine tools that are mounted on pneumatically suspended inert beams to isolate external vibration. Optimal specification performance of quality equipment including 5-axis machine centers, OD and ID grinders, Electro-discharge machines (EDM) and jig grinders and a range of measuring equipments such as Tesa SA and Taylor Hobsone precision measuring instruments, air gauging, roundness and surface measures ensure the right geometrical tolerances of the components.

A number of self designed and manufactured hydraulic test benches with up to 100gallon/minute flow capability and operation pressures from 3000 to 9000+ psi conduct rigorous testing to guarantee performance of critical defence aerospace components.

Benefiting from Rosebank Engineering Pty Ltd’s technical prowess the Joint Venture Company would be able to utilize the right tools and controlled manufacturing environment to guarantee quality of both manufacture and design down to required tolerances to 0.001mm or .000004 inch